Passionfruit Wine 1004


  1. 10ltrs passionfruit pulp.
  2. 2 Campden Tablets (Postassium Metabisulphite
  3. Lalvin EC1118  yeast sachet.


  1. Having scooped the pulp out of passionfruit I froze several batched in 2 ltr icecream containers until I had about 10ltrs of pulp. Freezing destroys the cells and unlocks the juice.
  2. When ready to start making the wine defrost the frozen pulp in a primary fermenter.
  3. As soon as the pulp has defrosted add 2 crushed Campden tablets and stir well. Stir regularly for 24hrs to kill any wild yeast. Measure the Specific Gravity of the juice to calculate the natural sugar so you know how much sugar to add later to get to the correct alcohol content. SG=1.020.
  4. After 24hrs add prepared yeast in the usual way. This batch I used Lalvin EC1118. Stir well.
  5. Vigorous fermentation may take place on the pulp. Stir regularly for 5 day until the ‘must’ settles down.
  6. When fermentation eases strain the pulp to remove seeds and solids.

    Passionfruit Seeds and Residuals Left after Straining Primary Fermentation.

  7. Patience is the key here as passionfruit is likely to block the cloth if too fine a material is used. Leave the straining to stand overnight and there should be plenty of juice to continue with. Discard the pulp.

  8. My batch produced 4.5ltrs of juice.

    Passionfruit Must after Straining prior to Secondary Fermentation.

  9. Use 840mls of must to invert 840g of sugar. When this has cooled add to the main body of the must in the secondary fermenter and put under airlock. Specific Gravity after sugar added is 1.090.
  10. Rapid fermentation should resume pretty quickly to show all is well.
  11. Monitor the process to ensure it does not overferment and rack when sediment appears on the bottom of the fermenter.
  12. Failure to remove sediment causes nasty flavours and odours tainting an otherwise nice wine.

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