RC Track Construction Stage 3

The following photos show Stage 3 RC Track Construction May 8th and 9th 2010. Tyres and pegs have been removed. Weeds were resprayed. Clay mounds constructed on the inside of all turns to discourage short cuts. Ropes edges were relaid and and clods and rocks removed.

Tom & Adrian Sorting Ropes for track boundaries.

Adrian on Edwin Zacher's McCormick International Tractor before commencing mound works on internal corners.

Tom & Adrian preparing for earthworks for RC Model Car Track.

Phillip with the Ride On Mower and Trailer preparing for Track Works.

View of the Table Top and Burm at the RC Track

High View of the Burm and Table Top Feature of the Rc Track

High View of the Crossover Feature and the rope layout at the RC Track.

High View of the Crossover and Triple Features at the Rc Track. Triple Jump is covered with carpet in an effort to minimize surface damage and change driving conditions. Many other surface variations are planned.

High View of the Triple Feature with partial carpet cover at the RC Track. The not yet finished stutter section at the top of the picture can just be seen. This section allows us to change the track difficulty.

View of the overall track from a mound behind the burm. Taken near sunset so a bit dim.

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