Vegetable Garden Records 2010

I am starting this record of my vegie garden online so that I can keep track of all my records without hunting for lost books and poorly written notes. In the past much has been kept in our own memory but memory is a poor recorder so this may work better. The records will start with the Autumn plantings and sowings in March 2010.

The garden is run primarily on organic lines wherever possible although the definition of organic changes regularly so what is considered a safe organic remedy today may not be tomorrow. Adjustments will be made as necessary

2010 Tomato Bed

Grosse Liesse Tomatoes 09-10

Bed 1

17th March 2010: Planted with tomatoes, mainly Grosse Lisse, planted October 2009 as seedlings. The season has been rather poor for tomatoes not helped by an extreme heat wave in the first week of November which had temperatures exceeding 40 degrees Celsius. Throughout the summer we had alternating hot and cold conditions which so upset the flowering pattern of the tomatoes that only minimal fruit was set until well after Christmas when the plants had been fairly decimated. We harvested enough for the table but not enough to make sauce and bottled tomatoes.

2010 Brassicas, Turnips, Leeks and Garlic

Bed 2 4th April 2010

Bed 2

Planted on 20th March with:

  • Woolworths Shallots
  • Woolworths SA White Garlic
  • Carentan Leeks from Eden Seeds
  • Autumn Giant Leeks from Eden Seeds
  • Milan Turnips from Eden Seeds
  • White Globe Turnips from Eden Seeds
  • Buttercrunch Lettuce from Yates
  • Imperial Lettuce Seedlings from Snow’s Peninsula Nursery
  • Spring Onion Seeds from Diggers
  • Brussels Sprouts (Eiffel Tower) Seedlings from Snow’s Peninsula Nursery
  • Wong Bok Seedlings from Snow’s Peninsula Nursery
  • Bok Choy Seedlings from Snow’s Peninsula Nursery

Bed 3 in April 2010

Bed 3

18th March 2010 this bed was planted with:

  • Swedes (Champion Purple Top) from Eden Seeds
  • Parsnip (Hollow Crown) from Yates
  • Coriander (Slow Seeding) from Yates
  • Carrot (Top Weight) from Yates

These plantings were made after the previously planted Sweet Corn was removed. One half of the bed is still planted with Honey Sweet Corn by Yates.

Bed 4 in April 2010

Bed 4

This bed was already planted at the time of commencing this blog diary. The picture shows:

  • Cabbage (Savoy King) seedlings from Snow’s Peninsula Nursery
  • Sweet Basil seedlings from Snow’s Peninsula Nursery
  • Spring Onion seeds from Yates
  • Silver Beet (Fordhook Giant) seeds from Yates
  • Peas (Greenfeast) from Yates
  • Trellis is for proposed Snow Pea plantings

Bed 5

Only in planning at this stage and not developed and prepared. Will be planted to strawberries for next few years.

Bed 6

Planted to zucchinis and cucumbers in 2009-10 summer. Will be prepared for 2010-11 tomatoes, capsicums etc. Green manure crops and Clever clover to be planted during winter.

Bed 7

Fallow during the past year. Will be planted to potatoes in 2010-11.

Bed 8

To be considered as lucerne bed as a part of the CSIRO Clever Clover Kit system 2010-11.

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