Compost 11th July 2010

I am not going to give too many compost updates unless something interesting and useful happens. I have 2 systems, on hot and one cold. In a perfect world I would be able to shred or mulch every weed and branch in the garden but unfortunately I have normal work commitments like everyone else and there is only so much time I can devote to shredding.

When time permits I shred all the garden waste I can get hold of and store it in a bulk cage ready to start a new hot compost pile. When that is not feasible I add the coarse materials to my cold compost pile and let it  break down gradually over a year or so. This works well as compost but does not destroy any seeds but otherwise is good compost. The hot compost is made much more quickly, in about 3-4 weeks and is much nicer to work with but also more labour intensive.

My hot compost area is in the North Vege Garden and the Cold Compost is in the South Vege Garden.

Hot Compost Area 11th July 2010

In the foreground the bulk cage can be seen, behind is the 2 compartment composting frame and to the right is the finished compost cage waiting to be used.

Cold Compost Area in South Vege Garden 11th July 2010

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