Burnley Bounty Tomato 26th July 2010

Planted Burnley Bounty Tomato after discussing it with Dave Gray (my flying instructor) and we both decided to conduct an experiment into whether this variety may be able to produce some good early tomatoes for Christmas. The target for me is to get fresh eating tomatoes in early to late spring. The normal summer varieties will take over after Christmas. Only 2 plants tested. One planted in Bed 2 and the other in Bed 3. Covered with and open top Coke Bottle to create a micro environment to get them started.

Burnley Bounty

is an open pollinated indeterminate on a 1.5 to 2 metre bush with a good crop of 8-10cm deep oblate fruits that set very late in Victoria. Seed has been known to retain some viability for 15 years! Probably not as popular as it has been in the past, due to its susceptibility to disease, but grows well hydroponically. Available as seedlings in punnets. (ref. Malcolm Campbell)

Burnley Bounty experiment 18th August 2010.

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