Strawberries 2nd August 2010

Planted out Bed 5A with 30 Chandler Strawberries and 30 Hokowase Strawberries from Diggers Club. Plants spaced 20cm x 20cm. The Chandler strawberries were mainly showing leaves or at least green leaders but the Hokowase variety was 100% dormant at this stage.

Hokowase Strawberry

(Fragaria Hokowase)

Delicate wedge shaped berries that are incredibly sweet with a meltingly soft texture. The sweetest strawberry we list.

Hokowase Strawberry

Chandler Strawberry

(Fragaria Chandler)

The most delicious of all the large fruited strawberries. Huge berries – up to 60gms – that are produced in profusion. Easy to grow in most climates these have to be the chef’s choice. 82/100.

Chandler Strawberry

(ref. Diggers Club)

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