Table Grape Beauty Seedless 11th August 2010

Planted new table grape Beauty Seedless. This is a black table grape which ripens early in fact one of the earliest. Planted in the back garden against the northeast facing verandah wall. Will offer some summer heat protection for the verandah during the hottest summer months while allowing the winter sun to shine through when the leaves fall.

The fruit is very dark almost black, round, seedless berries carried in good sized well filled bunches.

The plant was grown in the Barossa Valley and is marked BAR014. Purchased from Snow’s Peninsula Nursery for $15.90 as a bare rooted vine.

The plan is to grow the vine to a height of 1.2m to clear the verandah wall then branch two arms to cover the verandah span, then follow a rod and spur  pruning system in following years. The planting hole was well prepared with blood and bone in the bottom of deep hole then back filled with composted cow manure.

Beauty Seedless Table Grape

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