Cauliflowers 11th August 2010

Cold punnet sowing 11th August 2010.


(Brassica oleracea var.botrytis)

Cauliflower-All Year Round (Eden Seeds)

Originating from southern Italy, Mark Twain called it cabbage with a college degree. Likes well drained soil with near neutral pH and sunny spot. Keep well watered. Will cross-pollinate with other Brassicas. Mature plants tolerate frost and need the coolest part of the year to develop heads. When heads appear tie leaves over head to prevent discolouration and maintain quality. Sow late summer, autumn.
Seed count: 240-420 seeds per gram from Eden Seeds.

This variety sown out of season but will monitor to see how it goes.

Cauliflower-Mini Diggers

Brassica oleracea

Diggers Mini Cauliflower

Harvest early for small 10cm heads. 90 seeds.

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