Last Chance Pear in Kiosk Yard

I have always loved pears, especially with custard or ice cream so I have tried to grow them for years but with very little success. Fifteen years ago we planted a pear tree in the Kiosk Chook Yard alongside a cross pollinator. The cross pollinator died quickly but this one Beurre Bosc survived and did produce a few pears. Things were looking rosy. I suspect they were pollinated by my neighbour’s pear tree. However, as time passed the tree became unthrifty and generally did poorly and produced very few fruit. Each summer it was terribly burnt and the bark on the North Side was severely affected as were the leaves on the same side. On the shaded side things looked better. I am sure that the highly alkaline soil is causing this by locking up nutrients and trace elements.

In a last ditch attempt I have pruned radically to a strong branch just above the original graft and we shall see if the can reinvigorate the tree. I will add a fair amount of Worm Wee from my own worm farm and some extra trace elements to give a boost.

Pear Tree straggling along in the Kiosk Yard. Pruned hard to give it one last chance.

If I get the opportunity I may protect the sappy new growth with a suitable shaded tree guard to see if that minimises burning during summer.

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