Punnet Sowing Update (11th August 2010)

The seed germination in all the punnets has been extremely good. All the cold punnets have germinated and many of the hot punnets are also up with just one or two lagging as detailed below.

Cold Punnets under verandah on 18th August 2010.

Hot Punnets in Bathroom by the window 18th August 2010.

Hot punnets on 18th August 2010 in bathroom.

Seeds sown in cold punnets update 23rd August 2010.

  1. Cabbage-Red Drumhead (Diggers)-germinated
  2. Wong Bok Asian Cabbage (Diggers)- the first to germinate
  3. Spring Onion-Evergreen (Diggers)-just showing
  4. Shallot-Picador F1 (Diggers)-just showing
  5. Onion-Sweet Domenica (Diggers)-just showing
  6. Cauliflower-All Year Round-germinated
  7. Cauliflower-Mini-germinated
  8. Cabbage-Mini-germinated
  9. Cabbage-January King-germinated

Seeds sown in punnets under glass:

  1. Tomato-Tigerella (Diggers)-germinated
  2. Tomato-Amish Paste (Diggers)-germinated
  3. Tomato-Big Rainbow (Diggers)-germinated
  4. Tomato-5 Colour Mix (Diggers)-germinated
  5. Capsicum-Vilmorin Yellow (Vilmorin)-not showing yet
  6. Capsicum-7 Colour Mix (Diggers)-not showing yet
  7. Eggplant- Long Purple (Diggers)-not showing yet
  8. Pak Choy-Asian Greens- first to germinate but should have been sown direct as they are way to leggy and rapid.

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