Lady William Apple

FEATURES: Lady William Apples are large and well-shaped with a delightful flavour. Trees are pretty in flower and long-lived, producing fruit for many years. Fruit has a red blush over greenish-yellow skin. Suitable for warmer climates; this is a very late red apple for the home gardener.

This large apple is bright red flushed, crisp, subacid. It matures later than any other apple, in June/early July.  It arose first in 1935 on the Bononia Farm, Paynedale, Donnybrook, Western Australia, owned by A. R. Williams. It’s a cross between Granny Smith and an unknown red variety, possibly Jonathan. It does need a long warm to hot season to mature properly.  Good, long-keeping qualities.

CROSS POLLINATORS: Mutzu, Granny Smith, Jonathan, any Delicious variety, Abas or Bonza.

LOCATION: Espaliered against the outside of Grower Pens 15 & 16 which have other apples inside their yard. Pen 15 has Red Delicious and Pen 16 has Granny Smith. This is my first real go at espaliering an apple tree.

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