Garden Update 21-8-11

This weekend promised to be a good one with the weather bureau forecasting some beautiful weather. Had to work Saturday morning but the rest of the weekend was mine. I managed to spend the best part of Saturday afternoon painting the ceiling of my verandah with Killrust Aluminium paint. This is not the best job for preserving the back and neck but it had to be progressed. The silver ceiling certainly lifts the brightness under the verandah so will work away at it each week until finished.

Aluminium Ceiling paint on back verandah 21-8-11

Sunday provided another beautiful morning with a long list of gardening t asks that I wanted to complete today. No chance of finishing them all of course a list helps sort out the priorities. First task for the day would be to feed and water all the chooks and generally carry out any extra maintenance needed there. The hens are all looking particularly fit and ready for the breeding pen soon. Will mate them in September and hatch in October this year. The automatic watering in pens 9-13 is causing some concern again this year and failing to fill properly. Will have to add that to next weeks list for special attention.

Stone Fruits

The stone fruit trees are showing signs of buds swelling and it is time to spray a copper spray to prevent curly leaf. Used Copper Oxychloride this year. 5 Litres of spray was enough to do the lot. None of the trees had burst into bud yet, in fact seem to be a couple of weeks away yet. The flowering plums have shown their first couple of flowers so look forward to a great show next week.

Perennial Flowers

The perennials from Lambley have all spent the week in an outdoor situation being hardened and acclimatized and are ready for planting so that was the next task on the list. I remain very impressed with the quality of the plants I received and fully expect they will do very well provided our alkaline soils don’t upset any of these.

Cotyledon Orbiculatum Queenscliffwas planted outside the Tom’s room where it will later be joined by Cotyledon Orbiculatum Tall Flowered Form and Agapanthus Inapertus Hollandii ‘Lydenberg’.

Cotyledon Orbiculatum 'Queenscliff' outside Tom's room.

Cotyledon orbiculatum ‘Queenscliff’

Cistus x Purpureus ‘Alan Fradd’ planted outside the bathroom window beside the concrete tank pad.

Cistus x Purpureus 'Alan Fradd'

Cistus 'Alan Fradd' outside Bathroom

Salvia Nemorosa ‘Blauhagel’ (Blue Hills) planted under the White Cedar near the fence on South Kilkerran Road.

Salvia nemorosa ‘Blauhugel’ (‘Blue Hills’) next to some Tulips assorted from Diggers just poking their heads up.

Salvia Nemorosa 'Blauhagel' (Blue Hills)

Salvia Megan’s Magic planted under the espaliered Lady William apple on the Eastern side of the Growers Pens.

Salvia 'Meigan's Magic' under the espaliered Lady William apple.

Nepeta ‘Six Hills Giant’ also planted under the espaliered Lady William apple on the Eastern side of the Growers Pens but on the Northern end of the arms.

Nepeta Six Hills Giant under the espaliered Lady William apple.

Ferula Linkii (Giant Cow Parsley) planted against the western face of the new 22kl tank next to the pig pen, now housing some bunnies.

Ferula Linkii next to the tank beside the pig pen.

Verbena Rigida F.Lilacina planted under the Powton opposite the shadehouse. This is a hot dry garden exposed to full sun for most of the day.

Verbena Rigida F.Lilacina in the dry garden opposite the shadehouse

Convolvulus Sabatius ‘L.A.Form’ planted in the front corner dry garden at the base of the eucalypt tree. Very dry and very hot garden with heavy clay soil.

Convolvulus Sabaticus 'L.A.Form'

Limonium Peregrinum also planted under the powton under the shadehouse.

Limonium peregrinum (syn. L. roseum) - Shrubby Statice

Click for larger photograph. Limonium peregrinum (syn. L. roseum) - Shrubby Statice

Rhodanthemum Tizi-n-Test also planted under the eucalypt in the rose garden.

Rhodanthemum catananche ‘Tizi-n-Test’

Rhodanthemum catananche ‘Tizi-n-Test’

Furcraea Madougalii – Macdougal’s Century Plant. This an agave reaching a massive size and flowering another 8 metres above that. Planted in the old Banana Plantation.

Macdougal's Century Plant

Helianthus Grosse Serratus is also planted in the Old Banana Plantation. Plants in this area can be watered easily if needed during a very hot summer. The plants were dormant when they arrived and remain so yet.

Sunflower Helianthus Grosse Serratus

Miscanthus Transmorrisonensis is an ornamental grass that Pamela was taken with at one time. Hope it looks as good in real my garden as it does on the DVD. Planted in the Old Banana Plantation.

Miscanthus Transmorrisonensis

Garden Seat No.1

One of the things I have missed in my garden in recent years is seating. I am determined to change that this year and an ideal opportunity presented itself when the district council took down some old Athol Tamarix (Aleppo Pines) at the Agery-Kadina intersection. They left some short logs 30-40cm in diameter that I thought would make ideal bench legs to use with an old railway sleeper, or something similar. On the way home from the shop I stopped and loaded two into the back of the Ford Station Wagon, with the help of Phillip and Tom. They were pretty heavy but that is perfect for this use, then they won’t fall over so easily. The boys complained a bit about stopping but we got them loaded and at home I managed to unload them and cart them with a sack truck.

This weekend I set the bench up and it is perfect. The spot chosen was in the vege garden next to my strawberry patch, what a perfect place to sit with a coffee and test the strawberries. I dug a hole to take the stumps to lower their height and to help keep them stable. The holes were just deep enough to level the top of the posts at a height that would suit the bench I was putting on top. The seat was a hardwood board 30cm wide and 80mm thick by 2.4m long which I salvaged from the jetty reconstruction at Port Victoria 18 years ago (legally of course). I always thought it had the finish and dimensions for a garden bench such as this.

A third stump was located and that made the ideal coffee table!

Garden Seat No.1

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2 Responses to “Garden Update 21-8-11”

  1. Susie Says:

    Adrian, did your Helianthus Grosse Serratus take off? Where did you buy them from – I’m trying to find them in Australia for sale, without any luck. Thanks, Susie

    • Adrian Kuys Says:

      Hello Susie. Yes the Helianthus Grosse Serratus grew nicely without any watering at all throughout summer in South Australia. They are available from Lambley Nursery who are dry climate specialists. I am sure you will get a good response if you mention my name as I get quite a lot from them. Their plants always arrive in great condition and leap forwards immediately. The Helianthus are winter dormant but mine have just started again this month. They can grow 2m tall.

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