Garden Update September 2012 Week 2

Great weekend sporting result with Phillip playing in the Men’s Hockey grand final and successful with a 2-1 win over Moonta. Congratulations Phillip and the Kadina Wanderers.

This weekend in the garden was very similar to last week. Work continued on painting the verandah ceiling and is now actually complete. Next stage is to fill holes in the fascia boards and paint them silver also.

The rickety kitchen table renovation continues and this weekend I managed to add 2 more coats of hardwood oil to the undersides and there are now three coats on the tabletop. May look at one more coat, especially on the surface.

The Powton garden has been the focus of attention. I removed all the Cannas from that area as they need too much water to be very successful and I wanted this area to be a dry garden. Also in this garden is a planting of Loganberries which may be shifted next season. In the meantime I will water them from the raspberry side of the fence with a soaker hose. In place of the Cannas I planted two varieties of Penstemon, Barbatus and Isophyllus. Also moved in this garden were the birdbath, forward 60cm and the concrete toadstool. An arum lily from this area was also transplanted to the North Perennial Garden as a backup to conserve some plant stock. The Arum Lilies have been very tough and subjected to various stressors over the years. Through all this they have grown, flowered and expanded in this garden. They flower well in spring on the back of winter rains and die back in summer if water is withheld. In autumn they resprout with the opening rains.

The Avocado garden also received a share of attention this weekend. The soaker system was removed as it would only suit very young plants but now a year in and a good bit of growth I have changed this to an under tree micro sprinkler system. Pamela suggested we plant cucumbers and zucchinis again in this area this year so that is what we will probably do. The guards were lifted from the trees to allow me to check and stake them properly. I put in 2 small stakes for each tree with a stocking ties in a figure 8 pattern to support the stem in case of strong winds. Guards were replaced to maintain sun and wind protection for another year, probably 2 more years at least.

The strawberry patch is flowering strongly now and even producing some ripe strawberries. I managed to pick a punnet on Sunday and the taste test was delicious with plenty of flavour, juice and sweetness.

Pamela picked another basket of peas, her biggest pick so far. The peas are very sweet and nutty.  The greenfeast peas look like producing for a few more weeks yet and continue to flower well.

Cauliflower is beginning to show curds and in fact I cut our first one from bed 6B and there are more close to picking in Bed 3. Borecole and the various Kales are due to be picked soon as they are approaching their peak now.

Asparagus are still cutting well but seem to be in need of any extra watering during the week to maximise production.

I picked another orchid and brought it inside. This could be our best bloom for the season as it just magnificent! Pink tones with maroon highlights. Will try to include a photo here.

Pink Orchid Flower, best flower for the year.

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