Kitchen Renovation Update 2012 April Week 4

Electricians arrived this week to fit new lights, remove old ceiling fans and rearrange switches and power points. They did a tidy job but unfortunately since they left the fan in the bedroom starts up when the light is switched on. They will come back to sort that out next visit.

I have been trying to get the Solatube installer to talk to me about fitting two Solatubes in the kitchen. Unfortunately he doesn’t seem to respond to my calls, despite having spoken directly to his wife. Not sure what is going on there! May have to resort to installing hem myself in the end.

This week included Anzac Day on Wednesday but no renovations were able to be continued in the kitchen because the tank stand for the new rainwater tank had to be put down (see separate post).

Quite a bit of research was done on windows and kitchen cupboards. No decisions at this stage.

Plans finalised to install a new manhole in the front passage to allow the kitchen manhole to be abandoned and have a new cupboard installed in the nook and be able to move the fridge across the room.

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