Bread Making 28-4-12

Fired up the stove this afternoon and decided to make a loaf of bread for tea with my Beef Stroganoff. Loaf turned out a bit heavy but very edible. I think that I let it rise for too long the first rise (1.5hrs) and it turned out more like pizza dough than light bread. Will try another tomorrow but here is today’s effort.

First loaf of bread baked in the new Thermalux wood stove. 28-4-12.

I did taste this first loaf, edible enough but not great. Gave it to the hens in the end and they thought it was good enough.

Made 2 more loaves. The second loaf was improved over the first with only 40 minutes rising then kneading then  rose again to double and baked at 200 degrees C. Better than the first. It appeared as though the crust baked before the dough could rise properly in the oven. Decided to reduce the oven temperature for the next loaf. Flavour was good however.

Second Loaf of Homemade Bread with 40 minutes to rise. 200deg C.

The third loaf was improved again, This time everything the same but I reduced the wood oven temperature to 175deg C. Easily the best loaf and was eaten. Tasty but still a harder bread than we would like. All the loaves were kneaded using my electric Kitchen Aid with a dough hook for 10 minutes. May reduce kneading time to 5 minutes next time! Leave everything else as it is and see how I go.

Third Loaf of Wood Oven Home made bread. Best yet and completely consumed but still hardened when cool.

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