Strawberry Plants 2012

Decided to start another strawberry bed this year. Disappointed with the last batch overall so have gone back to the old reliable Red Gauntlet. Good sized strawberries with minimal fuss. Ordered 100 from Peninsula Nursery and they arrived very quickly, less than a week. Dave and I will be sharing them. He needs about 40 but since Snow gave me a few extra in my order I gave Dave the same consideration. Cost was $75 per 100.

Dave already planted his this morning but mine will have to wait until I close the shop at noon and get home. The weather looks magnificent for a weekend of gardening. Plenty of plans afoot but we shall see how far I get. Must dos include planting the strawberries, planting the last of the bulbs and finishing off the pelargoniums in the dry garden.

Just a short note on the quality of the strawberry plants. In the past I have purchased strawberries from various sources including mail order houses with varying success. In the local nurseries, and generally, strawberries have been for sale in pots of 3 for $6-10. Way too expensive to be able grow a decent crop, hence the need for mail order. While discussing this recently with Snow he said it was still possible to order bare rooted strawberry plants but he stopped carrying them because they weren’t being bought, he had to buy them in multiples of 100, and then he had to pot them on in spring. I got excited and decided to place an order and here we are. The plants supplied look very strong indeed, stronger and more vigorous than the mail order plants. We hope for a great result.

Just got to remember to feed often, especially potash!

It is now Saturday night and the strawberries have now been planted in Bed 1A in the vegetable garden. This bed was previously used for cabbages which have all been harvested. The cabbages followed a planting of green peas and used up the nitrogen from the peas. I first raked away the straw mulch and piled that on the path (see picture). The bed was then loosened with a broadfork, top dressed with soil wetting crystals to improve water holding capacity and blood and bone fertilizer with added potash.

2012 Strawberry Bed loosened with broadfork.

After raking and levelling I planted the strawberry plants in a grid pattern of 200mm spacing each way then watered them in. Day over so the mulching will be done tomorrow.

Red Gauntlet Strawberries planted 28-4-12 in Bed 1A.

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