Trommel Design – Part 1

This is my first real entry on my compost trommel. I need a powered sieve for screening various garden materials to add to my vege beds and flower beds. The most pressing need is to screen a truckload of composted cow manure which is good stuff but has a few bones and stones as well as more solid lumps not suitable for the garden beds.

I have decided on a barrel made of some bicycle rims running on a some furniture castors with 10mm weldmesh as the screen. The drive mechanism will be simple in the first instance employing a long v-belt draped around the barrel frame. The belt will need to be very long to go around 26-inch bike rims and onto a small pulley attached to an electric motor. Hopefully this will let it run slowly enough to screen properly.

Tomorrow I will go to Shmik engineering and have 2 pieces of metal 150mm wide rolled into a circle to fit inside the bike rims. These will then be welded into a closed circle that is a snug fit inside the rims. The two circles will be attached by a 5 or 6 spreaders to give a tube 900mm or 1200mm wide with the weldmesh attached to the inside. The frame will then be constructed so the castor wheels run inside the rims positioned with the barrel on the top held down by gravity initially. The belt will be positioned around the barrel next to the rim and hopefully it will do the job well once material is fed into one end and the large material will come out to other end if kept on a suitable incline.

I am sure I will need to make various adjustments along the way and will add some photos to demonstrate my progress!

26 inch Alloy Bike Rim to make the running track for the castor wheels.

Trommel end ring mad to suit the internal diameter of the bike rim.

Trommel end ring with bike rim fitted but not yet fixed.

Frame with furniture castor I intend to use to run the trommel on.

Bike rim on top of the castor wheels to show intended running style

Another view of bike rim on top of castors

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