27,000 Litre Tank Fit Up 8-5-12

Yesterday I bought the fittings for my new 27,000 litre tank and also some to adjust the 8000 litre tank. The 8kl tank is used for kitchen water and the shade house plants. It regularly overflows and due to its height it can’t gravity feed into the 27kl tank so I will be pumping it into the bigger tanks around the property when it fills.

In order to attach the pump I have fitted a cam-lock fitting which easily clips to the suction hose of the pump. This will hen allow easy connection and disconnection. When not in use the open cam-lock spout will be fitted with a cam-lock blank end. This morning I bought the cam-lock ends from YPAG so will fit to the 8kl tank tonight and start fitting up the 27kl tank in the morning.

Polypropylene Camlock Fitting.

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