27,000 Litre Tank Fit Up 9-5-12

This morning I was able to fit all the bottom fittings to the new 27,000 litre rainwater tank. This called for the following steps:

  • cutting a 25mm hole in an outlet black,
  • fitting a reducing bush from 50mm down to 25mm;
  • attaching a 25mm ball valve;
  • a nipple made from brass threaded stock M-M;
  • a brass 25mm tee F-F-F;
  • a 25mm male camlock spigot end;
  • a 25mm poly riser;
  • a 25mm camlock dust cap F;
  • a 25mm brass elbow F-F;
  • a 25mm ball low pressure lockable tap;
  • a 50mm blank M for the dummy outlet;
  • Tightening the supplied and cut blank to ensure it is leakproof.

Tank Dummy Outlet blanked off. The opening has not been cut out for this outlet but I have fitted the blank to protect the thread in the outlet.

This is the outlet that was cut and fitted by Team Poly. I simply checked that the fitting was tight and wouldn’t leak. I didn’t use this outlet because it was on the wrong side of the tank. The orange colour is the marker paint used to show where the tank was to be positioned.

Tank Outlet Assembly View No.1. The valve lever is bent upwards to allow it to fit in the space between the bush and the tee without a long extension. It is still very simple to operate.

Tank Outlet Assembly View No.2

Tank Outlet Assembly View No.3.

Tank Outlet Camlock Spigot with dust cap removed. The Female camlock attached to the suction hose of the transfer pump will connect here to pump water to the garden or to transfer water between tanks.

The next phase will be to transfer water from the full 8kl tank into this one so that water is not being wasted, then install the overflow pipe and gutters for the 27kl tank.

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