Waraultee Gnome Painting 14-5-12

Waraultee Gnome No.1 Front View fully painted.

Started painting the Waraultee Gnomes last night. The nights are closing in and it is dark when I get home from the shop and barely 30 minutes of light in the mornings before I have to leave for the shop. Given that, the majority of the outdoor projects have to wait until the weekends or until daylight really begins increasing again towards the end of July.

In the meantime I decided last night was the time to re-paint the gnomes. Working on Gnome No.1 with the wheelbarrow first up.

Spent two nights repainting Waraultee Gnome No1. Used Revell Enamel Hobby Paints as listed below. The effect was tremendous and he now looks a million dollars!


Paints from Idyll Hours Hobbies & Fun Stuff  in Graves Street Kadina SA 5554

Revell 31 Fiery Red Gloss for the shirt.

Revell 35 Flesh Matt for the face and hands.

Revell 30 Orange Gloss for the pants.

Revell 382 Brown Satin for the apron.

Revell 61 Dark Green Gloss for the hat.

Revell 50 Mid Blue Gloss for the wheelbarrow.

Revell 360 Green Satin for the grass.

Revell 301 White Satin for the eyeballs.

Revell 7 Black Glass for the pupils.

Waraultee Gnome No.1 Rear View Fully Painted.

Waraultee Gnome No1 now back in his rightful place in the Powton Garden after making sure his paint had hardened.

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