Sweet Potato ‘Beauregard’ Update

Throughout spring and summer and most of autumn I have looked after, not too fussily, two sweet potato plants, one from Diggers and the other from Daley’s Fruit and Nut Nursery.

On Saturday I was  preparing a new vege bed (2A) for the spring carrots and I notice at the base of the sweet potato plants that are growing on a trellis a clump of sweet potatoes pushing their way out of the ground. I was amazed and very pleased to get this success. I will upload a photo soon to demonstrate.

Of course I checked the Yacon yams at the same time but similar result as yet although the plants look very healthy and are budding up to flower.

Yacon Yam doing well and about to flower. No sign of any bulbous growths pushing the soil up but plants are helathy and still growing. 21-5-12

Sweet Potato ‘Beauregard’ growing strongly up their trellis. Two plants covering 2 metres of trellis. Just showing signs of dying down with a few yellow leaves. 21-5-12

Sweet potato ‘Beauregard’ showing potatoes pushing their way out of the ground suggesting they are approaching harvest time. 21-5-12

Sweet Potato ‘Beauregard’. This is the second plant grown, its potatoes do not protrude from the surface as obviously as the other plant. (see photo). 21-5-12.


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