Gutter Installed on Shed facing road 20-5-12

There has been very little rain so far this autumn so a good downpour is due at any time. In an effort to save as much rainwater as possible I spent the weekend installing a gutter on the shed roof facing the road and draining the gutter into the new 27kl tank.

The first stage was to paint the fascia board to give it some protection and that was completed Saturday afternoon. On Sunday I managed to make up the gutter, install the brackets, fit a pop hole and fit the downpipes to the tank. I am quite proud of this project since the gutter was made from old recycled guttering still in good condition. The new ends were from a box of gutter fittings I bought at a Wallaroo garage sale for $8 which also had the pop hole and the seven gutter straps as well as the 90deg PVC stormwater pipe elbows. So a pretty cheap fit up yet a very presentable job. Just needs a coat of paint to finish it off and it will last for at least 20 years.

Unfortunately, when I was taking this photo I found that the tank outlet is leaking slightly and will have to be nipped up. Nipped it up straight away but will have to check it and then correct the outlet fittings such as the tap and valves.


Just an update to say that very little was needed to fix the leak. I removed the stand pipe and tightened up the nipple into the tank, straightened it all until the joints were tight and tee opening was pointing up. Refitted the riser and job done! Tonight it is clearly still watertight and there is also some rain about. Probably not a great deal until later in the week but the tank is ready.

Gutter made of recycled materials fitted to the shed on the road side and plumbed to the 27kl tank. 21-5-12.

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