Brown Goshawk Sighting 28-5-12

A few days ago I set up a trail camera to monitor activity at my birdbath in the Powton Garden. Today (30-5-12) I downloaded the stored videos and was completely astounded and excited to capture a Brown Goshawk washing itself in the birdbath.

I identified the bird as a Brown Goshawk from Peter Slater‘s book ‘A field Guide to Australian Birds. Volume 1. Non-Passerines‘ Pages 43,51 and 244. There were a total of three videos which you can see on youtube by following the links below:

Video 1 – Brown Goshawk

Video 2 – Brown Goshawk

Video 3 – Brown Goshawk

Having studied the descriptions of this bird a little further there is a possibility that the sighting is actually of a Collared Sparrowhawk which has a squarer tail and is similar in all other respects. I am not able to be certain from my video.

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