New Plants arrived from Lambley 1-6-12

My most recent order from Lambley (order 301) arrived on Friday June 1st 2012. This was only a small order from Lambley’s May Internet Catalogue of rare Plants, as I am very busy trying to develop the Avocado Garden and there is barely 30mins available for gardening on weekdays and then only from 7-7.30am.

In this order are the following plants:

Stipa Gigantea

Giant Golden Oats Grass

Stipa Gigantea “Giant Golden Oats Grass”

We have a few of this difficult to propagate ornamental grass which when flowering in late spring and early summer is the most dramatically beautiful of all with 210cm tall wands carrying huge heads of golden oat-like flowers over low tussocks of evergreen leaves. The mature heads are good throughout the summer and autumn. 210cm x 90cm (

Stipa Gigantea “Giant Golden Oats Grass”

Agastache Cana

Texas Hummingbird Mint

This is a particularly good form of Agasache cana grown from seed collected in Sierra County, New Mexico. Dark pink tubular flowers are carried on 60cm tall stiff stems from mid-summer until late autumn. It is happy in any sunny spot in the garden as long as it is well drained. Like most Hummingbird Mints it is drought tolerant when once established. 60cm by 40cm. Available for May Only! (

Agastache Cana on

Eryngium Planum Norgate Thimble

Eryngium planum Norgate’s Form

A good clone selected by Dennis Norgate. We planted it in a new part of the garden last year. It made 90cm tall branching stems which carried dozens of steel blue thimbles for many months from late spring until autumn. 90cm tall by 60cm across. AVAILABLE MAY 2012 ONLY! (

Galtonia Viridiflora

Green Flowered Cape Hyacinth

Galtonia Viridiflora on

LIMITED NUMBERS – STRICTLY ONE PER CUSTOMER Nearly everyone who has seen this plant in flower here wants one. Galtonia viridiflora is a plant of great if subtle charm. It flowers much later and for much longer than the better known G. candicans. From late summer until late autumn the loveliest green bells hang elegantly, 30 or more to each 65cm tall stem. The fresh green foliage is wide, handsome and long lasting being still respectable in late May. A plant for sun or light shade. 65cm x 40cm. AVAILABLE MAY 2012 ONLY! (

Galtonia Viridiflora on

Origanum Microphyllum

Origanum Microphyllum on

This newly imported Cretan endemic makes a wiry shrub some 30cm tall by 40cm across. The tiny aromatic leaves are blue-green and are held on stiff stems which carry heads of rich purple flowers during summer. A fabulous little plant for a hot dry sunny, well drained spot in the garden. The Cretans make a drink out of this plant called andonaida. AVAILABLE MAY 2012 ONLY! (

Sedum Spectabile ‘Meteor’

Sedum Spectabile ‘Meteor’ on

Sedum spectabile, a native of Korea and Northern China, has been grown in Australia for many years. Its puce pink flowers are not easy to love. Sedum ‘Meteor’ has more appealing rich purple flower heads on typical pale glaucous green foliaged stems. Although succulent in appearance 45cm x 40cm. (

Sedum Spectabile ‘Meteor’ on

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