Dry Garden Update 12-08-2012

  1. The Climbing Pelargoniums planted last year are doing quite well even if they are feeling the cold at the moment. They were tied up onto the fence trellis where needed in preparation for for the Echium Simplex flowering which is about to launch. You will see in my next update why I said launch.

    Dry garden August 2012

  2. The roses have now been pruned and are just beginning to sprout new leaders.
  3. The Leonotishave done very well over the past 12 months never showing any unhappiness with complete dryness over summer and flowering right through. Even now, at the end of winter, they are producing some flowers. The problem I have is how to treat them. They clearly need to be pruned once each leader has finished flowering or you get a leggy stalk with no foliage at all although there are some side shoots from below the starting point of the flowers. In any effort to determine the best way to handle these I have cut most to the ground but just one plant was trimmed back to about 45cm, complete with a few flowers and I shall see how they go through spring and summer.

    Leonotis control plant before trimming. All others already cut to the ground. August 2012.

    Leonotis Control Plant. Trimmed. August 2012


  4. The bulb bed in the dry garden is growing nicely but did need a watering this week since there has been only 5mm of rain in the past 4 weeks and the bulbs are looking thirsty and a bit limp. This bed takes quite a hammering when the north wind blows and the spring winds have started these last couple of weeks.

    Dry Garden Bulb bed. August 2012

  5. Convolvulus Sabatius is beginning to make its presence felt below the birdbath. It has been suggested that it can get a bit straggly and can be cut back in winter to about 6 inches. There is no sign of that here yet so I have just left it alone. Perhaps it will need cutting back next winter.

    Convolvulus Sabatius Beside the Dry Garden Bird Bath. August 2012.

  6. Rhodanthemum Catananche “Tizi-n-Test” is a delicate very compact little plant. It has been in the dry garden for 9 months without flowering but always looked tidy and interesting. During winter is has tripled in size and is now throwing up a heap  flower spikes and looks very exciting! None have opened yet.

    Rhodanthemum Catananche Tizi-n-Test. August 2012

  7. Echium Cobalt Towers is giving mixed results at this stage. The one in the dry garden has really struggled, mostly because it seems to want more water than I expected. I know this because another one planted the same time in the Avocado garden is three times the size and looking very vigorous. The avocado garden gets watered every month during spring and summer if there has been no rain.

    Echium Cobalt Towers Struggling in the Dry Garden. August 2012

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