Pruning Thompson Seedless Grapes 2012

Pruning grape vines is always a tricky business because you need to know which sort of pruning suits the variety to get the best fruiting result. Some varieties need spur pruning and others are cane pruned. The Thompson seedless is a derivative of the sultana and therefore needs to be cane pruned.

I found two great videos that show the correct way to do this, including summer pruning. The first one is for dormant winter pruning and the other is for debunching and opening the vine to encourage larger fruit for the table.

I completed the pruning of the Thompson Seedless Grape Wednesday evening with about six long arms along the cordon which I then tied horizontally. It looks tidy now at least but I hope to get a good crop this year because it has been disappointing in recent years.

Thompson Seedless Pruned 2012 viewed from inside the back garden. Looking for fruit and privacy and windbreak in summer.

Thompson Seedless Pruned 2012-02. Viewed from the back verandah.


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