Argyranthemum Maderense in the Powton Garden 22-8-12

Argyranthemum Maderense

Winter Daisy

I purchased this plant from Lambley Nursery in October 2011 and planted it into the Powton Garden next to Zauschneria and in front of Echium Candicans Hybrid. It grew very little until late autumn when it put on a growth spurt and started flowering in July. It is flowering pretty well now but tends to fall open exposing the centre. I see that the woody stems are showing quite a lot of new shoots. The flower individually is very pretty.

Winter Daisy

The late Phyll Bear gave me this shrubby plant 20 odd years ago. For the last 15 years it has flourished in the same spot in the garden here at Lambley. Flowering from the first days of winter until well into spring, the soft butter lemon daisies are set off by rue-blue, oak shaped leaves. Handsome even when not in flower, frost hardy and drought tolerant this plant wants a sunny spot. 90cm x 90cm. (

Powton Garden 22-8-2012. Argyranthemum Maderense in flower in front of the Echium Candicans. Arum Lillies also in flower.

Argyranthemum Maderense from the Lambley Nursery

Argyranthemum Maderense, Winter Daisy, in the Powton Garden 22-08-2012

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