Bulb Update August 2012

Red hybrid Tulips have hit their straps and are flowering beautifully in their second year. Pink Hybrid tulips are just pushing their leaves up and will be flowering much later. Species tulips are just in the green at this stage. Grape Hyacinths are in full flower in the bulb garden.

Red hybrid Tulips in front of the Templetonia Retusa which is also about to flower. August 2012

Solitary red hybrid tulip under the white cedar in the Bathroom Dry Border. This is its second year in flower. Pink Cyclamen flowering just behind it. August 2012.

Grape Hyacinth in the Bulb Garden August 2012.

Lilium Longiflorum

Fifty Lilium Longiflorum bulbs arrived from Tesselaars Clearance sale. Total cost $47.50 about 1/8 the price of those from Peninsula Nursery Last year. Planned for the Pullet House Bed in semi shade facing south-east.


Genus: Lilium
Species: longiflorum
Height: 60-80cm
Width: 30cm
Flowers: Summer
Climate: Cool to Sub-Tropical
Aspect: Full Sun to Semi Shade
Supplied as: Bulbs
Water needs: 2

Herald the Summer with these Fragrant Beauties. These Christmas or Trumpet Lilies are fragrant and fabulous. They are hardy bulbs that will naturalise easily in a sunny spot in any well drained soil, putting on an unforgettable show each summer. From planting, the bulbs will take just 8-10 weeks to flower. Pop them in a pot for the perfect Christmas gift or plant them in your garden for a magnificent display or for easy picking. At this price who can resist?

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