Clare ‘Lelant’ Open Garden 15-9-12


We visited this garden after leaving Blackwood and headed for Clare which was only 20 minutes further. Our first impression of this garden was that it looked very interesting and had been well designed and the plants were generally well established. ‘Lelant‘ was named after a village in West Cornwall. Gardener is Gypsey Sandow.

We bought this bare block eleven years ago, and coming from another property “Trelawney” (opened for the Open Gardens Scheme in 1998) that was flat with delicious soil, we found that this was just the opposite. I wondered what I would do as I didn’t have a major plan and the topography of the site ruled my thinking…panic!! However several loads of loam and four ute loads of plants from the farm later and I began.

The back bank was the first to be attacked! Topsoil from the house base was put down and a full large bale of pea straw was rolled out and secured by Cyclone wire to hold the slope. I planted myoporum (creeping boobialla) with pigface along the top, some of which suffered from the farmer’s spray. Then I planted callistemon, eriostemon, correa, and a spiky grevillea that is a haven for the birds. A wily fox was seen there one early morning!

You will notice repetition, it being a fundamental law of design. Mass or repeated plantings can be effective when fllowing gracefully into another of the same species. If something grows, gives colour, loves its home and only needs rain then it is worth it.

The challenge I had at first was moving rocks, and more rocks! I didn’t opt for terracing, as some would have done. The larger shrubs that were first planted now hold the soil, and the pencil pines add a little bit of Tuscany.

I pack down home made mulch and pea straw every year and the blackbirds help spread it. Jack Frost and I have a battle every winter, but not the natives – they laugh at him!

Dry creek bed at Lelant Open Garden 17-9-12. 1 Waller Drive Clare

Lelant Open Garden 17-9-12

Lelant 17-9-12

The dam at Lelant. Even had frogs croaking!





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