Plant Explorations 17-9-12

I have been looking at old properties on South Australia’s Yorke Peninsula, especially where old homesteads have become derelict or have been demolished as well as old cemeteries. Usually I am able to identify the plants from my own resources.
I recently came across a daisy like plant that has been growing along a fenceline under a eucalypt. This week I was able to get some cuttings and take a few photos but cannot identify it from my own resources.
I have attached some photos of flowers and leaves. The leaves are somewhat olive tree leaf in shape and style with silver underneath and dark green upper surface. The plant is shrubby in appearance about 50cm high and 1.5m spread. It has been in the same place for several years.
The spot I found it in is usually plunged in hard frost during winter and early spring mornings. It would never be irrigated at all and is raised above roadway level so would not get road runoff but would be well drained. Soil PH is 8.5.

Arthurton Road Daisy discovered 17-9-12. Not yet identified but definitely growing and flowering well without any irrigation. Seen from 10 metres

Arthurton Road Daisy 17-9-12 before cuttings taken. 2 metres.

Maitland-Arthurton Road Daisy 17-9-12. Close up view.

Maitland-Arthurton Road Daisy close up 17-9-12. Cuttings taken.

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