Rhubarb Varieties 2012

I have recently been given a plant of a giant rhubarb variety known as Stan’s Giant. David Glen of Lambley Nursery swapped this with me for Olearia Pannosa ssp Pannosa which I have collected from a fenceline near an old farm house.

I have become interested recently in rhubarb varieties with a distinct feature that may be of interest to home gardeners. Once such variety is Wallaby Run rhubarb which was given to me by friends Liz and Scott who had it in their vegie garden without any clear idea of its origins apart from Kangaroo Island. This is an interesting variety in that it appears to produce its best in late autumn through to early spring then begins to flower profusely throughout spring and early summer, irrespective of the watering regime. Other old varieties of rhubarb usually tend towards dormancy or reduced production in winter then peak during the warmer months.

I have also acquired another giant rhubarb known as Wandin Giant from New Gippsland Seeds and Bulbs. It is of course possible that these giant varieties are nothing more than the usual run of the mill rhubarb varieties selected for higher production OR they maybe old varieties that are indeed bigger and better than others.  At this stage I am not able to tell any difference between them but will monitor and update as time goes by.

The giant varieties each claim that stalks are produced as thick as a man’s forearm. I hope that is the case and look forward to photographing these as they develop over the next couple of years.

Single plant of Stan’s Giant Rhubarb from David Glen at Lambley Nursery, Burnside, Ascot, Victoria swapped for a cutting of Olearia Pannosa. It has been planted in the vegetable garden with a good dose of composted cow manure.

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