Renovation Update 17-10-12

Due to popular request this is the renovation update.

As with any renovation so is this one fraught with compromise and delays. Some of these delays are my fault but some are caused by builders and external influences.

At this stage the main roof has been done with colorbond deep ocean blue. At the same stage the builder convinced us that it would be the most cost effective time to install the skylights. Quite some time was devoted to researching the right skylight and it was thought that Solatube was the way to go. Unfortunately the cost of two of these was extraordinary so we settled for the Woodroffe Plumbing system for $1000 instead of $4000 plus installation.

And this is where the first disappointment surfaced. We told the builder we wanted them sited centrally in one axis and evenly spaced the other way. “No problems! ” the builder says.

I say, “If anything shows up causing a problem to this plan then ring me at work and we can decide what to do then.”

“No problems!” the builder says.

The iron for the roof gets delivered and on the appointed day the builder and his workers get straight into ripping the old iron off. We head off to work excited about the new work.

This is a project scheduled for 2 days, maybe three so when we get home the roof is 3/4 complete and looks good. Exterior skylights are in place. Nothing done inside.

The next day work continues. We go to work and return home, the roof is finished but still nothing inside.

I talk to the builder on the phone that night and tells me all is going well and he will return in the morning to finish the skylights.

Next morning we head off to the shop again, no sign of the builder this time. When we return home Pamela is inside first but says nothing to me while I am unloading the car and sorting out a few things in the garden.

When I finally come in and see the skylights I am stunned at first then angry as hell. They were exactly as I had NOT wanted them to be. The skylights were off centre and haphazard!

I looked at Pamela and could see she felt the same. I walked away thinking, “What part of  “ring me if there are any issues” did he not understand”.

After cooling down for a while  I decided to phone him and see what the story was. To cut a long story short, he said there we issues in the roof with beams he did not realise were in the way. Bear in mind he never did bother to get into the roof space to check it out but I assumed he did that when the iron went on. So he put them where they would fit. It does not look good and definitely not the way I had envisioned it.

After a couple of days of living with it we decided to not engage in a legal battle or any other battle and pay him out for the job and never use him again!

Unfortunately this knocked the wind out of my sails for a bit a not much progress has been made since. From now on I will be doing all the work myself and at my own pace and hang the consequences!

New Main Roof in Colorbond Deep Ocean Blue and showing the two new skylights.

The Interior Skylight Diffuser in the Dining Room 20-10-12.

Interior Skylight in the Kitchen 20-10-12

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