Another Roadside Plant 5-11-12

In my continuing hunt for local flowers that are thriving in a dry climate without extra water I have found the following flower on the Arthurton Road very near the location of my earlier find Olearia Pannosa ssp Pannosa.

I have not yet identified it and do not know if it is an annual or perennial but I was able to notice it across the road driving home on Saturday. The flower is beautiful and judging by the number of buds it is set to flower very strongly.

It appears to be a scabiosa but not sure as it stands quite tall 70-90cm.

These blooms are very pretty indeed and they would look good in any garden. I just want to identify it first in case it is a weed that could be hard to get rid of.

These are the stems and leaves of the roadside flower. For identification purposes.

This is the foliage in a vase of the roadside flower shown above. Shown here for leaf identification.

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