Preserved Satsuma Plum Wine 130301

Made from bottled satsuma plums that were not being eaten due discolouration and cracking of the skins. These were originally bottled in 2003 in light syrup so will already have plenty of sugar. Rather than tip them into the compost or feed to the chickens it seems worth giving the wine making a go.

Day 1 1-3-13

  • 11 x No.36 Vacola Jars of Preserved Satsuma Plums.
  • 1 x No.27 Vacola Jar of Preserved Satsuma Plums.
  • All were tipped into an aerobic fermenter.
  • Pitched Lalvin Red M2 yeast.
  • All stirred in.

Day 2 2-3-13

  • No signs of any fermentation.
  • Stirred and left another day.

Day 3 3-3-13

  • Still no fermentation so I decided to re-pitch the yeast with added yeast nutrient this time.
  • Yeast pitched again Lalvin Red M2 with yeast nutrient.
  • By 4pm there was good fermentation under way.

Day 4 4-3-13

  • Vigorous fermentation well under way. Stirring the must morning and twice at night to keep from going off.

Day 8 8-3-13

  • Vigorous fermentation eased enough to strain off the solids.
  • After straining SG=1.002
  • Sugar = nil.
  • Target SG= 1070.
  • Target sugar = 182g/l.
  • For 20l demijohn: 20 x 182 = 3640g
  • Inverted into the must and added when cool.
  • Under airlock.

Day 9 9-3-13

  • This morning vigorous fermentation resumed and bubbling out of the airlock.
  • Will leave it a day or two, keeping it clean, and rate should subside again.




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