Red Delicious Apple Wine Peel & Core Batch 130303

This weekend was the time to pick and process the last of the Red Delicious apples from the tree in the grower yard. Although not as large a batch as last week it was still a good load. Enough to encourage me to make another batch of peel and core after I had peeled and cored them all.

Day 1 3-3-13

  • The process was identical to the last batch. The only difference was that I used some yeast nutrient when I pitched the yeast.
  • Just waiting for some fermentation to begin in bucket.

Day 2 4-3-13

  • Fermentation underway and looking vigorous.

Day 3 5-3-13

  • Vigorous fermentation continuing. Stirring the must morning and twice at night to keep the fruit from going off.

Day 6 8-3-13

  • Fermentation eased so it was strained into a 5l demijohn.
  • SG=1.002 (no sugar left)
  • This time I did not expand the must with water but just used the concentrated 5l. The smell is still very ‘appley ‘ and the flavour also.
  • Target SG= 1090
  • Sugar target = 235g/l
  • For 5l: 235 x 5 = 1175g
  • Sugar was added as inverted sugar using the must as always.

Day 7 9-3-13

  • Under airlock it is fermenting steadily.

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