Nerine “Winter Cheer” In Flower Now 2016

This week heralds the start of flowering for Nerine “Winter Cheer”. It is a true pink and stands up to blustery, rainy conditions throughout June without any sign of damage or sagging. I purchased these bulbs from David Glenn and Criss Canning at Lambley Nursery.

Nerine "Winter Cheer" 27th May 2016. Wallaroo Mines, South Australia.

Nerine “Winter Cheer” 27th May 2016. Wallaroo Mines, South Australia.

Nerine ‘Winter Cheer’

‘Winter Cheer’ is a very late flowering variety which flowers here at Lambley through much of June and into July. A good cut flower, its rose-pink flowers are held on 50cm tall stiff stems and are cheerful addition to a winter vase.

I buy most of my bulbs from specialist growers and Lambley would be one of the best nurseries anywhere in the country. Bulbs are strong and well-grown and shipped at the right time of the year. If you are anywhere near Ballarat on any day of the year it is worth a visit. They are dry climate specialists in the truest definition without focusing only on succulents. If you want flowers every week of the year check out their website or visit their nursery, you will not be disappointed.

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2 Responses to “Nerine “Winter Cheer” In Flower Now 2016”

  1. Pat Says:

    You’re too kind Adrian!

    • Adrian Kuys Says:

      Not too kind at all Pat. I believe that it is important to give credit where it is due. Being a retail store owner myself customers rarely give positive feedback, they just go away happy, perhaps they tell some friends but if they are unhappy they post their views on every forum possible. If I get good service and good product I like to pass that along and tell anyone interested in my blog how happy I am. So thank you everyone at Lambley and keep a look out for any other observations I find in my garden! A note to anyone unhappy with service they get anywhere: go back to the seller and discuss it with them in a rational manner and in most cases you will find they only want happy customers and will help you sort out any problems you may have experienced.

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