Dichelostemma Ida-Maia (Firecracker Lily) February 2017.

Bulbs For Yorke Peninsula

The firecracker lily, Dichelostemma Ida-Maia is a fantastic bulb for the Yorke Peninsula. The foliage grows from  late autumn through winter into spring before dying down then not long after that in late November or early December it starts sending up its flower spikes with many flowers at the top of each spike resembling and exploding sky rocket, where it gets its common name of Firecracker Lily from.

It is a great plant for a Christmas indoor vase display because it has all the seasonal colours; red, green and white. Flowers last in the vase for what seems ages and look beautiful throughout the Christmas-new year week.

Each spike is about 60cm long so a bunch of these make a nice centre piece.

In my garden these are in the dry garden bed which gets no extra irrigation over summer, and these don’t need any water at all. This summer…

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