About Adrian Kuys

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The header image is from a photo I took of the Double Borders at Lambley Nursery when Pamela and I visited in March 2011. This garden and nursery inspired me to extend my gardens into sections of my property where regular water supply is not available and in times when the cost of water is spiralling. CLICK HERE to go to the Lambley website.

Adrian’s Blog Posts

Check out my blog posts in the right hand column or CLICK HERE!

I am the owner of Idyll Hours Hobbies & Fun Stuff on South Australia’s Yorke Peninsula located in Kadina. My personal interests are many and varied but all relate to rural interests.

I have bred and exhibited Plymouth Rocks and Rhode Island Reds for 34 years, see my poultry page. I am the author of five (5) poultry breed books and you can find further details on the Books Page. I am a family man with 4 children, all boys and my partner’s son, alas no daughters! My boys are Aaron (deceased), Jeremy, Phillip and Tom along with Pamela’s son Jamali.

I am an avid gardener following mostly organic principles, love composting, growing vegetables and worm farming.

I have a passion for winemaking and home brewing and many of my recipes and methods will appear on this site in the future.

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