1. I have never grown these from seed.
  2. Best results are from runners.
  3. Best to start a new bed every couple of years.
  4. Do not shade plants as they MUST have full morning sun.
  5. On YP plants show lime induced chlorosis and iron chelate is ineffective due high soil PH locking up various minerals.
  6. EDDHA as an iron supplement works well but needs to be re-applied when signs return.
  7. Liquid feeding with diluted cow and chicken manure teas works really well.
  8. Best Varieties: Cambridge Rival, Red Gauntlet.
  9. Alpine varieties are a waste of time.
  10. I grew some in a wine barrel and they grew into massive plants and massive strawberries although not as many fruit as in the ground. Obviously some issue with nutrients there.
  11. I have mulched with pine needles with good results in 2012-13.

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