08 August In Flower


Arum Lillies in the Powton Garden.

Hyacinths in Dry Bulb garden, Opposite Avocado Garden, Avocado Garden

Jonquils in North Perennial Garden

Passionfruit Daisy in North Perennial Garden

Clivias in North Perennial Garden

Freesias in Bulb Garden and Avocado Garden

Kniphofia in the Paddock Garden

Salvia Elegans (Pineapple Sage) in Backyard Strip Bed

Rhodanthemum Tizi-n-Test in Dry Garden

Ivy Pelargoniums in the Dry Garden

Salvia Meigan’s Magic in Growers Bed (before being cut to ground)

Argyranthemum Maderense: Yellow daisy in Powton Garden

Arum Palaestinum in the Avocado Garden & Bulb Garden

Templetonia Retusa in Bathroom Garden

Red Tulips in the Bathroom Garden

Daffodil Beryl in the Vase Garden

Sugar Plums in the Old Shop Orchard

Almond Blossom in the Growers Pens

Leonotis Leonuris in the Dry Garden

Grape Hyacinths in the Bulb Garden

Green Orchid in the Shadehouse

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