10 October In Flower


  1. Paulonia making a terrific display and perfume.
  2. Echium Simplex in Dry Garden.
  3. Echium Candicans Hybrid in Powton Garden.
  4. Argyranthemum Maderense in the Powton Garden.
  5. Arum Lillies in the Powton Garden.
  6. Logan Berries in the Powton Garden.
  7. Wallflower in the Powton Garden.
  8. Silene in the Bulb Garden.
  9. Cistus in the Bathroom Garden.
  10. Scilla Peruviana in the Bulb Garden.
  11. Freesias in Avocado Garden and Bulb Garden.
  12. Tulbaghia Violacea in the Bench Garden.
  13. Rhodanthemum Tizi-n-Test in the Dry Garden.
  14. Convolvulus Sabaticus in the Dry Garden.
  15. Bearded Irises budding up everywhere.
  16. Ivy Pelargonium in the Dry Garden.
  17. Apple Trees in the Growers Yards.
  18. Pear Tree in the Old Shop Orchard.
  19. Cymbidium Orchids in the shadehouse.
  20. Kniphofia cool in Bathroom Garden.
  21. Just Joey Rose in the Dry Garden.
  22. Ornamental comfrey in the Pullet House Garden.
  23. Echium Cobalt Towers in the Avocado Garden.


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