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Cream Buns 26-5-12

June 1, 2012

I was given a copy of ABC’s Delicious magazine. I have never seen this before but in it was a delicious recipe for home made cream buns. Now, I have never made these but I do love to eat them if I can get me hands on a good one. I thought it would be good to try making these as the recipe looked pretty simple, and it was, but they did not turn out like bakery buns.

I suspect the problem was the first rising which was poor due to the cold temperature. I plan to try these again this week and see if I can’t improve on the result. Don’t think they weren’t edible though! Any yeasty thin with whipped cream and jam has got to be edible.

Adrian’s First Cream Buns 27-5-12 before filling with cream and jam!

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