1. Grow tomatoes from seed is the best and cheapest way.
  2. Keep seeds from your best plants each year.
  3. Start seeds in a hothouse in July ready for planting out in the first week of October.
  4. When planting out bury them deep up to the top leaves.
  5. Grow on a trellis otherwise stake plants.
  6. Indeterminate tomatoes give better results over a longer term.
  7. Tomato flowers are fertlized when they are still closed and do not need bees and insects.
  8. Feed Sulphate of Potash monthly to encourage strong leaves and good flowers.
  9. Flowers only set fruit around 27 degrees C.
  10. Feed worm wee and seasol monthly to encourage strong roots.
  11. Mulch around the base to conserve moisture otherwise grow carrots around the base.


  1. Carrots grow well around the base.
  2. Basil likes tomatoes.

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